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Around the World In 90 Days : Part I

September 20, 2020

This is the first installment of a series of 4 reports analyzing and reviewing the Fed policies during the last 5 decades determining what worked and what did not. With these insights, our last installment will focus and assess the new agreement forged by the Fed on how it will conduct monetary policy in the long run. The November election is upon us. The two presidential candidates are offering vastly different views regarding the policies their administration will pursue. One candidate promises to continue deregulating the economy and lowering tax rates. He argues that these policies led to the lowest recorded unemployment rate in history. His opponent argues that the current administration is at best building on the success of the previous administration. Not surprisingly that candidate proposes to return to the policies of the previous administration and then some. The candidates offer quite different views of the policies the US needs to pursue to deliver prosperity. Yet as we look forward to the election and subsequent period the common element to the prospective policy mix is the Fed monetary policy.

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The ValueTiming™ strategy is based on the assumption that politicians and policymakers have particular views of the world, and that they will in general adopt policy measures that are consistent with these views.

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