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Global Investing: The LJE Country Allocation Process

April 07, 2019

All investors face capital-market risk. Managing the risk, evaluating opportunities in the context of their goals, and assessing specific investments efficiently requires broad, objective, close-to-the-capital-market thinking. A country allocation framework does not need to be a black box that processes many statistical variables and then spits out an investment plan. It should be a logical framework that lays out choices for investors. The LJE process strives to accomplish these objectives. It summarizes in a logical and consistent way the investment choices recommended by our assessment of the coming economic environment. We now take an additional step to extend the modularity of the LJE asset allocation approach and focus solely on country selection. Taking a global perspective, we are going downstream from the regional level reported in “The Quarterly LJE Asset Allocation Process” to an individual country level. We then take advantage of the additivity of our forecast in order to build different regional or stage of development indices thereby providing greater choices to individual investors. Now they may invest at the regional level or they may choose to go downstream and focus on the country level. The country allocations offer the opportunity to add value over and above the regional allocation in “The Quarterly LJE Asset Allocation Process.”

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