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September 17, 2018

The Labor Day weekend marks the beginning of the final stretch of the political season. Not surprisingly, both parties are out campaigning in full force. President Trump is flying all over the country holding rallies in key precincts. On the Democratic side in an unprecedented move, breaking with tradition, President Obama came out to actively campaign on behalf of Democratic candidates. It seems that the irreverence to tradition and custom is not one sided. Both sides of the isle have abandoned it and the electoral process is the loser. Assuming a progression of the recent trends, over the next few weeks we should expect less civility and more outrageous accusations regarding a candidateís opponent points of views. The end result being that the voterís tasks will become more difficult. They will have to separate noise from signal, facts from fiction and words form deeds. Prior to focusing on the economic issues, it may be worthwhile meander among different issues that are coloring the current political environment.

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The ValueTiming™ strategy is based on the assumption that politicians and policymakers have particular views of the world, and that they will in general adopt policy measures that are consistent with these views.

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